What is a combi boiler?

>Combi is short for ‘combination’. It refers to the way this type of system serves as both a central heating boiler and a hot water heater. That means there’s no need for a hot water cylinder as hot water is provided on demand, there is also no need for cold water storage tanks as the system is fed directly from the mains, As well as saving the space normally taken up by a water tank (in the loft or airing cupboard), a combi boiler saves on hot water costs as well as giving you hot water at mains pressure.

Are your engineers Gas Safe Registered?

>Yes, our engineers are all Gas Safe Registered. Our Gas Safe Registration number is 530213. When a new boiler is installed we will also issue a building regulations notification, which is a legal requirement since April 2009 and a certificate of warranty which could be up to 10 years.

Do you install Worcester Bosch boilers?

>We certainly do, here at GasFellas we work closely with a number of leading boiler manufacturers and can offer our customers up to 10 years warranty with parts and Labour.

Can I get free advise?

>Certainly, why not give us a call and arrange a free no obligation quotation

One of the radiators in my house doesn’t get hot but the rest are fine?

The most common reason for this is a faulty TRV or lock shield on the radiator its self, we would recommend changing them.

>How often do I need to have a gas safety check done on my rental property?

By law, a landlord must complete a gas safety certificate on any property they let out.  These must be completed on a 12 monthly basis by a gas safe registered engineer. GasFellas carry out regular Landlord certificates and send out reminders the following year before they are due for renewal.

>How long will my boiler install take?

Typically, a combi boiler replacement should be completed within one day. A system swap could take up to two days depending upon the install.

>What is a magnetic filter for a boiler?

A magnetic filter removes sludge which is circulating in the heating system. The sludge is made up of iron deposits in the central heating system – removing the sludge helps to keep your heating system operating at its best.

>What is a condensing boiler?

A condensing boiler makes more of the energy it runs on by using heat normally expelled through the flue. By converting over 90% of the fuel used (rather than just 50% in the case of some old boilers), a condensing boiler makes your fuel go further. Therefore, a condensing boiler can help to save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. All new boiler installations installed by GasFellas are condensing A Rated Boilers.

>What is a regular boiler?

This typically forms part of a conventional heating system, and is linked to a series of water tanks that feed the boiler and radiators. Storing hot water is key to this system, so unlike a combi, a plentiful supply of hot water is not always available. Space in the loft and airing cupboard is required for tanks and normally a cold water

storage tank is fitted in the loft supplying the bathroom.

>What does it mean if the top of my radiator is cold and the bottom is hot?

This normally means that air has got in to the heating system and found its way to the top of your radiator, this problem can be easily resolved by bleeding your radiator from the bleed valve at the top of the radiator until the air is completely removed and water starts to come out.

>What should the pressure gauge normally read on my Combi boiler?

This should normally be set between 1 and 2 bars of pressure, remember you may need to top up the pressure after bleeding radiators and always aim for about 1.5 bar.

>Why does my toilet keep running?

If your toilet continues to run after flushing, this indicates a faulty part inside of the toilet which is letting water by, this is a relatively common problem and a simple fix.