GasFellas offer our customers an excellent range A rated condensing boilers to suit all central heating systems; you will be hard pushed to find a better company for price, reliability and workmanship, to carry out your boiler replacement and or central heating installation.

We have the expertise to recommend a boiler or central heating installation that’s going to suit your hot water and heating requirements as well as your budget. If your boiler’s more than 10 years old then it might be time to consider replacing it.

Modern boilers are much more efficient than those manufactured and installed 10 years ago. Temperature control devices have moved on too, which you can be far more precise with how you heat each area of your house.  Some of the benefits of having a new boiler installed by us are 10 year warranties, A rated efficiency, smart controls, system flush and lower energy bills. After all are installations your house will be left as tidy as we found it and you will be left with a building compliance gas certificate, boiler warranty certificate for up to 10 years and a benchmark certificate signed and dated by the engineer for your peace of mind.